Orthodontist in DublinOrthodontist Dublin Practice provides a variety of orthodontic treatments provided by certified professionals. These are treatment services for the children, adults and teenagers as well.

The services are provided differently from one patient to another. The practices and tools used are also continually checked to ensure that they are the up to date.

Services provided by Orthodontist in Dublin

The services mainly involve solving problems to do with the jaws and teeth. Some of these abnormalities include poor development of the jaws or teeth, having buried or too prominent front teeth.

Orthodontics also involves having teeth straightened or getting braces. The growth and development of the jaws is altered with the use of functional braces. Self ligating braces will help eliminate the need for teeth removal during treatment. The braces are designed to blend in the mouth with some being colored the same as the teeth while others are clear. This gives you a comfortable and confident smile.

This treatment is helpful for those with missing teeth, patients in need of teeth realignment or those who would simply like to change how their teeth look. Correction of an over or cross bite is also done by an Orthodontist Dublin.

When to go for orthodontic treatment

Going in for an orthodontic consultation will help detect orthodontic problems and abnormalities early as well as prevent early tooth loss.

The spacing of the teeth and the bite may change as one ages and they will need orthodontic help to make corrections.

If a child’s bite is not normal, then they will have their palate expanded. This treatment will also keep the teeth from overcrowding as the child grows older. Teenagers are also highly likely to have teeth overcrowding and most of them face an imbalance of the jaws.

Spacers or orthodontic separators give the teeth the allowance they need between each other. Space maintaining can also be conducted when the baby teeth need to be held in their positions to allow for the proper development of the permanent teeth. It also prevents the new teeth from overlapping.

Having crooked teeth will also require services from an orthodontist before it becomes harder for them to be rectified. An orthodontic appointment should be preferably made when a child is seven years and above. They will assess the child’s teeth to determine whether they have an orthodontic problem of they are likely to develop one.

In extreme cases such as when the jaw has severe abnormalities, orthopedic surgery will be conducted.

Go for an orthodontist that is reputable and preferably experienced. It should not be too cheap but reasonably and competitively priced. Some of the orthodontist clinics in Dublin will provide their clients with free consultation services.

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